Zombie Last Castle 3

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The Zombie Last Castle fight continues with its third episode! In the new episode, the zombies coming in waves are much stronger! That's why we recommend you to play the game in 2 or 3 player modes. If you are playing the game in 1 player mode, do not hit the newly added medic characters and get support from them! In this way, your base will be able to survive for a longer time. Don't forget to use the newly added spider web defense system as well. If you can survive a total of 10 waves, you win the game!


Player 1:
Move: "W,A,S,D"
Switch Gun: "Q"
Go in/out Base: "E"

Player 2:
Switch Gun: "."
Go in/out Base: "L"

Player 3:
Move: "Y,G,H,L"
Switch Gun: "T"
Go in/out Base: "U"

P.S: Use "MOUSE" to activate Weapons and Power-ups.


Action 2 Player


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