Idle Zombie Guard

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The Zombie Guard team took action with the alarm. The zombies come in waves and you need cooperation to stop them. Their goal is to destroy the servers. Activate target weapons to protect the servers. With the points you collect, you have to improve both your own weapons and turret towers. Don't forget to visit the "Market" section for upgrading weapons and an extra health bar. With each wave, the zombies get stronger. You can stop the Fire Zombies only with the ICE Gun. Keep the zombies away from the servers and win the game!


Player 1:
Move: "W,A,S,D"
Hit: "F"
Grenade: "G"
Jump: "W"(Walk on the wall)
Switch weapon: "Q"

Player 2:
Hit: "L"
Grenade: "K"
Jump: "UP ARROW KEY" (Walk on the wall)
Switch weapon: "P"


Shooting 2 Player


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