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We can be reached most easily via email at: [email protected]
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Any feedback is welcome. We encourage you to post it on our discord (link below).
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Thank you for you are interested in our services. If you would like to place your game on our portal, please see below.

Some requirement to become partner with us and you can choose 1 of 2 conditions:
1. Exchange Backlink: We have backlink feature in exchange for a backlink from your site, credits tab, partners tab, about tab, small banner and image promo.
2. Pay for Backlink: We also have paid feature, 3$ per game per day (2$ if you pay for 10 and more days).

Submit your game here:

Some benefit of us when you become our partner:
+ You can visit our website here:
+ Your game will at the top on the main page and in the most optimal position.
+ We’ll run the ad campaign and drive more traffic to your game.
+ We will distribute your game on all our systems and social networks.
+ And some other benefits …

Let me know if you feel interested or have any questions / ideas.

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