Bowroyale IO Battle

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Description is a medieval adventure played out with bows arrows and physics! In this exciting game of skill and daring, you’ll be dueling to the death with a series of real time and AI opponents from around the world. With but a single click you’ll be able to aim your bow and adjust for height and distance. It is a tactic that you will haave to master. The laws of physics are fair but immutable. Pay heed to what they demand, learn to go with the flow and you’ll be sure to place an arrow in the heart of your opponenetbefore they even notch their first shot. But if you are slow, if you are innacurate in even the slightest, then you will suffer the consequences!

=== Game Info ===
– Hold Spacebar to Aim then Release to Fire – Be the Last Lord or Lady standing to Win!
– Kill your Opponents and earn Victories to Unlock new Titles of Honour and Notoriety!